Product Manager / 产品经理

4月/10/2020 06:41:08 上午

岗位职责/Job Responsibilities:





-Responsible for the communication of production and purchasing between Asmodee China/Taiwan and Asmodee Internal/External publishers.



-Responsible for construction schedule of purchasing, translating and design of product.



-Manage the localization team.



-Analysis of current market and development, and understand the demands of users.



-Collect and scoop out the customer demands, optimize product and user experience according to market effect and user feedback after product launched.



-Responsible for the communication and coordination with sales/marketing department before new product launching.





-Responsible for coordinating product cost accounting with finance department.



-Control the purchasing & logistics budget and follow-up the indicators.



-Facilitating inventory turnover and product availability by reviewing and adjusting inventory levels and production schedules.



-Ensuring timely deliveries, controlling cost and royalties.



-Responsible for ERP system purchase module.



-To provide assessment results and report accordingly.



-Other tasks have assigned by line Manager.



-Team management.



任职要求/Job Requirements:



-Bachelor degree with 5 years related management experience.



-Strong business sense and analytical skill.



-Good communication skilllogical thinking and management skill.



- Adapt to frequent business trips.



-Fluent English spoken & written.



-Strong interest for game/ board game.