Senior Sales Representative 高级销售代表

3月/13/2019 08:08:16 上午
Main Purpose of role:
This position will be responsible for managing retail customers and tournament organizers in the assigned area. The focus of this role is the advancement of organized play programs and promotion of Asmodee Card Game products, by which, achieve the sales target. Effective management of both retail and non-retail relationships will require this individual to maintain regular contact with key decision makers and identify and nurture opportunities for both play and sales growth. Most customer interactions will be conducted from the office however periodic face to face meetings may be required.
Success will be determined based upon this individual's ability to achieve the sales target and promote organized play programs & products, identify opportunities for sales growth, and align their efforts with the other members of the team.

Specific Responsibilities/ Tasks:

-Achieve the sales target in the assigned area.
-Drive growth and quality of game play and brand impact in retail channel. 
-Ensure high quality brand experiences for all customers (stores and players).

-Be the main point of contact and information source for all stores and coordinate the team’s “Getting closer to Retail” store visits and reporting.
-Identify opportunities for growth and sell in and drive performance rate of Organized Play Programs, the Retailer Reward Program and marketing promotions.
-Schedule calls and visits aligned with key dates related to product releases and organized play program solicitation.
-Coordinate with channel cross departmental Asmodee information flow towards stores covering game play, products and in store communication.
-Be the responsible for the Retailer Conventions.
-Drive efficiency of stores by educating and training them in player acquisition and retention tactics, including respective web driven reporting tools.
-Feedback input and related action points from stores to the respective teams for punctual follow up.
-Work closely together with territory stakeholders.-Counterparts and organizers to secure growth of the store performance according to targets set by management.

-Travel to selected store organizers, visits and meetings. 
-Maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge on all card products, promotions, policies and organized play programs.

-Data analysis and reporting on in store OP programs.

Experience required:
-At least 3-year experience in a professional commercial-, customer service-, or sales & marketing environment.
-Strong IT skills: MS Office, internet.
-Task oriented and delivering according deadlines.

Knowledge and Skills required: 
-Familiarity with card game and game lovers is a strong asset.-Understanding of the Gaming Industry.
-Moderate written English.
-Experienced in project management with strict deadlines.
-Excellent customer service skills.
-Strong presentation and data analysis skills.